Healing Pathways; Sonoma, Acupuncture, Herbs


"All that exists, manifest or otherwise, is deeply and profoundly related. Relationship is a sacred gift we are given in order to realize our potential. We are never alone. Relatives are present at every moment." ...Candice Romanow, L.Ac.

I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine. I use acupuncture and herbs. I have also used homeopathy, Bach flowers, aroma therapy, gem elixirs, deep tissue body work and muscle testing.

My teachers are taoists, sufis, native americans, wiccans, muslims, christians, jews, hindus, buddhists and 12 steppers. they are quantum physicists, system theorists, therapists, psychics, dancers, medicine people, herbalists, philosophers. My truest teachers never charged me money. I have literally spent years in world travel, living in ashrams, monasteries and small villages. My children are ages 23 and 24.

My interest is in the evolution of intention, especially as it applies to healing and in exploring the notions of boundaries and consent. In a world which too often is not respectful of its parts, there is much that needs to be healed. My job is to strengthen your body in these domains, so that you may, in time be able to see your personal gifts to this generalized "world problem". From the perspective of Chinese medicine, if a system or a body is full of violence, starvation and trauma, the solution is not to be found in, for instance, building bigger jails, or cutting out the symptoms, but rather in strengthening the bonds of relatedness.

In health and balance,
Candice Romanow, Licensed Acupuncturist